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Breaking Free from the Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind is a powerful force in our lives, and understanding its influence is crucial for personal growth, self-awareness, and psychological well-being. The discussion walks individuals through identifying beliefs and practical techniques in meditation and mindfulness for creating a new thought pattern.


Minority Stress Theory Explained: Implementing 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Participants will understand the ideals and concepts of workplace incivility and the social and environmental impacts on minority people. Participants will learn the impact of toxic oppression on behavior. Explain the SAMHSA 8 dimensions of wellness and how they support professionals in leadership in the workplace and can prevent burnout and high turnover.


Creating an Inclusive Workspace: Making Room for Everyone

 A Discussion of practical ways to address workplace environments to fit the diverse cultures that represent the clients. My workshop will aid in providing evidence-based practices to enhance participants' cultural competency through teachings of culturally responsive practice. Improving both Cultural and Emotional Intelligence

Path To Self Course

12 week Intensive Inner Child & Unconscience Mind Healing


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Meet Dr.Jaketra Bryant

The most sought out Transformational and Thought Leader, Powerful Motivational Speaker, Diversity Coach and Licensed Counselor

I help professionals get out of patterns that are harmful, and teach practical techniques through inner child and unconscious healing meditations, and other evidence-based practices to move them to having their best life for their best self.

Dr. Bryant is a well-renowned speaker, and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion issues across the globe. With a well rounding background in Biology and Psychology Pre-medicine, Masters in Community Counseling and Doctorate of....

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“I attended the Breaking the Stigma mental health forum this past semester and I absolutely loved every minute of it. As a psychology major, it was inspiring to see so many black women in the field of counseling. ”

Student M.E.

Spellman College

Confident Woman

“Being a teacher and a volleyball coach to young women, I watched so many different emotions and I got to see how these emotions affected almost every aspect of these young women's daily lives. In trying to figure out ways to reach these young women, I approached Jaketra with several mental aspects that I've watched these young women struggle with. She took those aspects and worked specifically with my 15-18s age groups to help them overcome these mental hurdles that have blocked them from being the BEST they could be not only in sports, but in life. Her specialized classes with these young women helped them to see themselves in a different light which overall helped the volleyball teams and my program!!!”

E'Lisa Ladson 


Coach of 41 South Volleyball Club

“During the classroom teachings, Miss Bryant engaged all students at all times. Her unique method discussed ways that children can relate their feelings very well. She was able to come up with impromptu exercises that really spoke individually to the students. ”

T.M, 4th grade teacher

Mt. Olive Intermediate school

 Ft. Mitchell, Alabama


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