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Dr. Jaye

Entrepreneur, Licensed Professional Counselor, Author, Corporate Consultant and Advocate for diversity & inclusion and Powerful Motivational Speaker

Jaketra Bryant, Diversity Strategic Leadership Coach, Consultant and Licensed Professional Counselor, is
a well-renowned speaker, and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion issues across the globe. With
a well rounding background in Biology and Psychology Pre-medicine, Masters in Community Counseling
and Doctorate of Leadership, she has dedicated over ten years to serving thousands of clients to rebuild
and recreate
the lives they are destined to live through the focus on mind, body and spirit. Through her
work she has helped countless individuals and companies undergo a personal transformation journey
leaving them free, and able to serve not only themselves but their workplaces and community better.
Jaketra’s education and experience far exceeds the average woman. In fact, her teachings encourage
you to tap into the authentic highest version of yourself in all spaces.


Trust your intuition and success will follow

Jaketra Bryant


Jaketra Bryant, has spent years researching behavioral health and teaching all ages how to break pastthose barriers. After dedicating 12 years of her time to mental well-being she decided to pursue her doctorate in Organizational leadership. It was through her time as a doctorate student that she further researched the impact of systems as it impacts race, and gender. Her specialty focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, educational disparities among black boys and transgenerational transmissions of trauma among all people. Her published piece : The Practices of Black Male Educators in Georgia Public School Classrooms, was one to rave about for years! Her work is extensive and did not stop at the issues within inequity. Jaketra Bryant dedicated her time also to being a director of outreach focusing on human sex trafficking in Columbus, GA. It was through her time there that she dove further into the ongoing trauma of women and children. Her platform focused on advocating for the marginalized groups and she has committed to bring awarenessto the room.


Jaketra Bryant, has been featured in Upscale Magazine, Weightless, held a position as a radiohost with hindsight radio, provided training for University of Alabama, Georgia State University, University of Virgin Islands, Limbscomb University, and Xavier University to name a few schools. Her work does not stop there! Jaketra Bryant is a published author of Consider this Before you Marry. Hertenacity and joyful spirit have helped her to demonstrate compassion to all races and gender. With thefocus on the inner heart of the person Jaketra strives to teach companies large and small how to have a transformative business using you.


Her personalized approach to program building makes her business unpredictable and a must have. Not only does Jaketra provide the safety of being a licensed counselor but her years of research onLeadership has allowed her to address the person and the business; because that is who is running corporations. We are talented individuals making up a community. Companies and clients describe the time with Jaketra as life changing! Jaketra pours her heart into the time she spends with individuals and companies.

My Mission

"To end school and workplace inequity issues toward marginalized and inclusive groups. By re-educating through culture-based practices that increase cultural competency and cultural sensitivity; removing the barriers of language, socio-economics, gender, race, and religion. We offer several programs and initiatives to foster values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and commit to providing skills training to all levels; creating opportunities for underrepresented employees and students, and amplifying diverse voices in schools and organizations." 

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