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Let’s Change Your Life


We conduct consultations using tools to evaluate values and career inventory are conducted through surveys, interviews, observations, and data collections. The process is thorough and involves applying psychological principles and research methods to improve the overall work environment, including performance, communication, safety, belonging, and inclusivity within the workspace.


What are the KEY BENEFITS to my coaching strategy?

Create conditions that result in organizational improvement of the use of diversity, equity and inclusion practice without compromising the set principles

Build upon the established workplace culture

Executive leadership training on conflict, hard talks, and other work-related incidents on race, and gender issues

Establish Employee Resource groups and leadership teams and train on maintenance

Online and in-person webinars, continuing education, and professional development

Provide coaching on collaborative, thought, and strategic leadership practices


Counseling Service Offerings

* Short term solution focus therapy sessions conducted in most states

* Provide listening rooms through confidentially to assist with creating skills on interpersonal effectiveness for the workplace, cultural awareness, healthy coping strategies and promote autonomy in the workplace

* Provide ongoing referrals for trauma-informed care and other areas of mental health and illness

* Work in collaboration with other health professionals to address the holistic person as it relates to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that impact the workplace

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