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SHE Monthly Blog, POETRY FLOW!

She empowers me. Let me share with you why......

She empowers me. She empowers me through her presence in a room. She empowers me through a smooth voice that makes me want to follow her across a dark space only to end up where our thoughts line up. She empowers me to show compassion to my body, mind, and spirit while resting in the confidence that all will happen according to the divine.


Divine timing that is, the perfect silhouette worn is not baggy clothes or fitted attire it is that chosen by the feminine energy itself.

You see our clothing is an extension of the energy we bring to the table, the room, and the world. The feminine energy has become extinct, hidden, suppressed, and afraid.

Did You Know....?

A womb is a sacred place of beginnings. In the womb, we rest, birth ideas, and create an unimaginable world.

In our wombs, we develop cultures to change society and develop plans to unite all. But our wombs are being closed by the toxic masculine energy. We must realize the feminine is in us all. How do I operate with missing body links? We can't so we suffer and the feminine energy hides until it is safe to come out again. That time is now!

Inspired by the recent political debates and the lost feminine in all spaces

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