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“The Message within the Seed!"

“Notes from the purest parts of me.......”

Have you ever wondered what really goes on during the making of a divine soul? I once had a dream, only I don’t think it was a dream. I think it was the now me viewing the real me in my purest form of methat is. It was beautiful.

I in my making was beautiful.

I am actually a little bothered right now. The one I viewed seemed so unbothered. She or rather the nameless, genderless divine soul looked ready. Yet, I stand here bothered. Somewhere between my making, the seed of me that is and now, I got lost. I have let the thoughts of the world, shoot my family, friends, TV, politics, even the pace in which others moved shape me more than I have shaped myself.

Can I be honest?

This is the purest of me speaking, right. Somewhere deep within me, my seed me there

is a script written in my what you might call veins. The map to my heart. Our heart leads us right? That might be too deep but my purest will continue to speak.

That script left many messages to be perfect, have and experience love, speak life to anything and it moves, take leaps and watch nations transform, be rich within my body, mind, and pockets, shape life with my tongue, build things beyond what eyes have seen. Yeah, I am starting to remember that script. Somewhere between it’s a girl/boy, that script faded. I was made to walk as the divine, speak as the divine but the protectors of the world, I mean fears of those around me has made me forget my soul divine purpose.

Can I be honest? This is the purest of me speaking, right? It’s time I follow those cute vein maps within and listen to my original divine creator. You all just as lost as I am, signed my purest self.

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