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The Old Version of Me

She is gone, yes that's it, she's gone. I have accepted what used to be will no longer but for some reason you won't let her be.

It feels like I am having to explain that I love the parts of me that exist now but for some reason, you just keep talking about 'how I used to say these things and act that way.' Who is really having the midlife crises here? Me or You?

I call this version of myself unbothered and happy.

I am unbothered by the way you once saw me. I was easy, easy to influence to join the manipulative world you created to feel safe.

That's deep! I need to take a seat

Yeah, let me take a seat to your agenda. Besides I am only living in my own body with my own experiences and my own life plan. How harmful can it be if I neglect my own needs so you can feel safe? It only might cost my life.

You know what I discovered was I was always comfortable being me. I loved to laugh, say odd things, dress to, then the fears of you took over and I got lost. This is my journey back to self and I have enjoyed every I mean every minute of the climb back. Now I must admit your kicking and screaming, phone calls discussing how I used to act, and your passive-aggressive acts of what used to be kindness along with the words you got away with saying before I remembered almost worked again. Then I remembered how free I felt, how alive I felt, how empowering I felt, how unbothered I am.

I am

Yes, I am the creator of my story, my destiny, my journey and no longer will I allow your fears to tell me, push me, force me, passively aggressively move me out of my seat.

That's deep, let me take a seat

Only this time I brought the whole damn table

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