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This morning I sat with a pure part of myself. I decided to allow myself to become one with my original being of me. As I reflect inside of this source, I become more aware of what I have let in and also kept out.

In my years around the sun I have become aware of how my mind, body, and spirit has been

the storehouse in which I have allowed and sometimes forced into the disposable trash of

others. Funny thing is my own trash has been just as harmful.

"I choose to allow love to enter my mind, heart, and my path."

I choose to not allow the projections of biases to house my way of seeing myself. Bias of gender, sexuality, social, class, race I disallow your presence.

As I sit in this water form out looking extensions of our God; I am reminded of the start of those creatures so pure set out with a message to grow, to become, to allow beauty, conversations and hope to flood this part of heaven. Have you ever wondered why the presence of nature is filled with many messages of life? Have you ever wondered what happens between the script of us and the person who stands in the mirror?

I choose to allow my thoughts to be free without me or others judging them. I choose to disallow past hurts that my ancestors experienced to be housed in my body.

"I once felt protected, safe, heard, attended to and important. In my sac, yeah that sac."

The sac full of the purest water given inside a womb. The womb that carries hope, limitless possibilities, ideas, opportunities, and expansions.

I choose to allow my original self to be remembered. I disallow the harm of words, thoughts, and perceptions of my skin to keep me still.

I once was given earths best to grow. In my sac, I was heard, I was seen after, touched, sung to, and even held. I was given a message to go, glow, and grow. I wish I could find that person that whispered in my manuscript DNA all the limitless possibilities to my experience.

"I choose to remember. I choose to return; wait I choose to be reborn. Reborn into the purest parts of me. As I return to my sac message, I choose to remember."

I choose to become. I choose to allow. I choose to speak. I choose to dance. I choose to love

from the original script. I choose to disallow lies, fears, projections, and doubts to be stored in my mind by body-mind. I choose to return back to my sac.

As I sit in this water surrounded by the trees that speak, the water that allows, and the sun that leads the way; I am reminded of how unstoppable I really am.

-The Sac

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